New Dutch Talent 2017

I have some great news to share! I am nominated to be one of the 100 new dutch photgraphy talents. The New Dutch Talent 2017 is issued by GUPmagazine. There will be a book with 4 of my works in it. Total there will be 400 pieces in the book. How cool is this!

Also there will be a show with all the 100 photographers, I will keep you updated where and when. For now, below are the pictures that are chosen in the book.

rode-druiven-stilleven-fotografie-black peer-blauw-doek-stilleven-black brood-aardbeien-glas-stilleven-black blauw-tas-schaakstukken-stilleven-black

Let me know what you think!

All pieces are for sale by the way, the book will also be for sale (3 pieces).

Thank you, Vincenzo